I made a summer playlist and this little gem is on it.  I think it really exudes those good summer vibes.  With no official video, I thought this homemade one was pretty cute.


Tonight, I remembered my affinity for motets.  Specifically those of Thomas Tallis and Anton Bruckner. I then stumbled across this video of Spem in Alium, a piece originally composed for 40 but here sung by 700. It is not the clearest sounding version of the song, but it is nothing short of sublime.  

It really makes me wonder… these individuals come from different locations, different walks of life, have different ideals, agendas, and goals, but can come together, put all of that aside, and make something so divine in absolute unity.  If only all people of the world could get past their differences and work in unity towards the common ideal of a better future for all. Oh, pipe dreams.  It must be time for bed.


When I find gems like this, it makes me wonder what other great music I’ve been missing out on.  I’ve been on a langhorne slim/lykke li kick for the past few days.


I find this captivating.

Lykke Li, “Little Bit”


My new very favorite song to play on guitar.

Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise


Because I cannot stop listening to Air by Snakadaktal.  Such a beautiful song.


Eyes Wide Open -  Gotye

But it was like to stop consuming’s to stop being human

And why’d I make a change if you won’t?

We’re all in the same boat

Staying afloat for the moment

We walk the plank with our eyes wide open”


I’ve been finding so much amazing music lately.  This band, Boy & Bear, is just one of them (my first thought was that they are a cross between local natives and mumford & sons, though this particular song doesn’t show too much evidence of that).  How much else have I been missing out on? Any suggestions?

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